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The biggest benefit of teletherapy is its wide reach and easy accessibility. It’s a a convenient way to have all your needs and requirements met on a single platform. From selecting a therapist to booking an appointment, from receiving the appropriate assistance regarding your therapy to receiving all the info regarding the billing system, DocVita is a one-stop solution to all your problems.

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Ms Avani Vasani - psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Fluent In English, Hindi, Gujarati
years ofexperience
"One should always remember that there is no harm or shame in giving up or asking for help. In fact, that’s where the real work begins. Greetings! I am a Licensed clinical psychologist with more than 7 years of experience in helping people manage different psychological, emotional and behavioural problems. I have done extensive training under trained professionals in different hospitals and mental institutes. I do not believe in restricting therapy to only mental disorders. I have counselled many clients to improve overall functionality and the betterment of their quality of life. I treat Individuals - with Mood fluctuation, Phobias, Panic, OCD, adjustment, eating disorder, body image, personality disorders. I also offer Marital, Relationship and Family therapy, and assist kids with academics and behavioural problems. I incorporate different techniques such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectal Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness Behavior Cognitive Therapy. Therapy with me is according to patients needs, their problem and their understanding. :)
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Ms Sakshi Arora - psychologist

Counselling Psychologist

Fluent In English, Hindi
years ofexperience
"GOLD MEDALIST, MPhil in Psychology, previously based out of Switzerland handling European and other multinational clients for 7 years, Ms Sakshi Arora is a therapist and a behavioural counsellor providing Psychological Assessment and Intervention in the field of Personality Testing, Intelligence Testing, Behavioral Problems Testing, IQ Testing, Career Counselling, Pre and Post Marital Counselling, Child Counselling, Hypnosis She has a work experience of 12 years and is currently associated with AKAL ACADEMY as a counsellor which has around 192 academies under its name. Reach out, if you feel confused about relationships, marriage, studies, job-related stress, overwhelming emotions, parental issues, social interactions etc.
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Dr Pooja Sharma - psychologist

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Emotional Counsellor

Fluent In English, Hindi, Punjabi
years ofexperience
"Dr Pooja Sharma is an Emotional Wellness counsellor, IMDHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. She has done her Masters in Management Studies and Doctorate In Management. Having over 18 Years Of Corporate Experience In Various Sectors, like Healthcare, Education and Pharmaceutical, Dr Pooja Sharma is Founder of Eternal MIND, where focus is on Learning About Emotions And Improvising Self Abilities. She has been associated with various organisations like Global Goodwill Ambassador Association, Navy Wives Welfare Organization as Emotional counsellor, which has honed her expertise in areas of interpersonal relationship, Concentration & Focus, Pre and post Marital issues, Parenting , Adolescence issues and other Personal and Work life concerns. She has conducted various workshop on Emotional Health issues and Personality Development. Dr Pooja is a patient listener and passionate about understanding and helping individuals in their attempt to achieve a sense of well being and purpose in life. She facilitates the process of self-awareness and change management using tailor-made approaches in the best interest of her clients. Dr Pooja Sharma guides and facilitates Emotional Wellness and Personality Development through personalized sessions. She provides services to resolve:- Adolescent Problems, Anxiety, Behaviour & Thought Problems, Anger Counselling and Crisis Management, Depression, Therapy, Early Parenting Issues, Emotional Outbursts, Family Problems, Grief, Individual Counselling, Intimacy Issues, Life Coaching for Loneliness & Low Confidence, Marital Problems, Marriage Counselling, Emotional Health Problems, OCD, Parenting Issues & Doubts, Pre Marital Problems, Stress Management, Trauma, Fear & Phobias.
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Ms Kanika Choudhary - psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Fluent In Hindi, English
years ofexperience
"Kanika (MSc clinical psych and MPhil clinical psych) is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. She has been practicing privately for 7 years in both online and offline settings. She has also gained clinical practice through her work in various hospitals during her training period. Kanika has experience with families, couples, children, teens, young adults (individual age ranging from 16 to 48 year of age). She has seen clients suffering from depression, other mood disorder, anxiety and stress related disorder, OCD, eating disorder, personality disorder, grief, anger, trauma, and family relational problems. She is a queer affirmative therapist. Kanika follows a client centered approach. She helps families move towards healthier relationships and helps individuals recognise adaptive patterns within themselves. Additionally, she helps them stabilise their growth by promoting the generalisation of skills learned in therapy. Kanika has taken extensive training in third wave CBT, Trauma focused work and emotion focused therapy. She enjoys her work and deeply respects the therapeutic relationship, which is the foundation of her practice.
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All you need to do is go to our ‘book a therapist’ page and select from numerous therapists available there. You will find the option to book a particular slot from the list of various slots available online. All you need to do is pick the one that’s most convenient to you and you are done! Once you do that you’ll receive all the further information over Whatsapp. You can now receive further alerts and voice your concerns to the care manager over the WhatsApp chat.

Due to the impact of COVID- 19, most people have shifted to online therapy. According to WHO, around 70 % of the countries worldwide have adopted teletherapy as a replacement for in-person therapy. Though the concept of e-therapy may seem new, it actually isn’t. In fact, some concept of it was introduced by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis who used postal services to treat his patients.

E-therapy has become even easier in today’s day and age. All you need is a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop with a WIFI connection. You can now reach out to any licensed Board- approved therapist through a simple text, audio, or video message. But a video consultation is more beneficial when compared to other modes of e-therapy like audio calls or an online chat- based approach.

DocVita is an online telehealth platform where you can consult any of the licensed therapists as per your liking and convenience. All you need to do is book an appointment with any of the therapists registered on our platform. You easily book a suitable time slot at your convenience and take a video consultation using Zoom, Whatsapp video calling, or Google Meet.

Access Psychological Care via Teletherapy from Anywhere

One of the biggest reasons why people find it difficult to seek therapy is because of the stigma attached to it. Also, certain conditions like depression make it extremely difficult for the person to step out of their homes to seek therapy. This grave problem is solved by online therapy.
So, if you are someone who needs therapy, with regard to your anxiety disorder, depression, panic attacks, social anxiety, any sort of addiction, or even sleep disorder, teletherapy can be quite beneficial for you. All you need to do is hop on to the DocVita’s ‘Book a Therapist’ page.

Consult With a Qualified Professional Through WhatsApp

A simple WhatsApp app is all you need to seek online therapy at DocVita. Yes, it’s that easy. You can book a 50 min or a 60 min session with the licensed therapists registered at DocVita. This is can be extremely helpful if you are living in areas where high-speed internet connection is quite an issue.

Find a Counsellor Who’s Right For You

Finding a counselor who’s right for you can be a tricky task at first. But at DocVita we have specialists from various fields specializing in the treatment of different types of issues. From a Vedic Psychologist to a Counselling Psychologist, from Clinical Psychologist to Hypnotherapist, from a Life Coach to Art Based Therapist, you can easily pick and choose one as per your need and requirements.
You also have an option to pick and choose a counselor or psychologist based on the language you are comfortable in. You can easily apply the filter option on the booking page to select the psychologist who can converse in the language you are well-versed with. But if you are still confused about which counselor to pick you can contact us and our team will assist you in matching you with the right psychologist or counselor.

Schedule Your Virtual Telecounselling Appointment to Get Started

Once you have identified your problem and picked the right psychologist, counselor, or coach, you can book an appointment based on the time slot that best suits you. Once you book your session, you’ll get an intimation regarding the same on your Whatsapp chat.
If you have any concerns or queries, you can drop us a message on the same WhatsApp number and it will be addressed by the Care Manager then and there. TheCare Manager assigned to you will take care of all your needs, address and resolve any issues you face during or after the booking process.