Refund Policy

  1. The user must review the Company’s policies and the desired service completely before deciding to invest in, purchase or subscribe to the Service.
  2. In case DocVita is collecting payments on behalf of a provider or an entity like a medical practitioner or similar professional, a clinic, a hospital or a related healthcare provider, including their designated, authorized representatives & associates, the decision-making related to refunds rests solely with that provider or the entity.
  3. We strongly encourage all potential users and buyers to start by availing our complimentary demonstration of DocVita & its related products, the duration of which is determined by the ongoing offers at the time of user onboarding. Once the user is satisfied with the quality and accuracy of the services offered by DocVita, they may effectuate the purchase of said service on a subscription basis.
  4. All services offered by the company herein are non-refundable and non-negotiable, and payment for these Service(s) would be effected in advance, as per the subscription plan chosen by the User(s).
  5. Once the Service has been purchased, no requests for refund would be entertained by the Company, except in cases made out in this policy. If the User does not wish to use the Service after subscribing to it, the same can be communicated to the Company. It is to be noted that any request for account/Service closure, will not make the User liable for a refund from the Company.
  6. In case the User wishes to close their account with the Service, upon communicating the same to the Company, their account would be terminated and any advance payment done would be forfeited and not liable for any refund.
  7. Only in exceptional circumstances, wherein a defective software is discovered after reviewing by the company, shall the company consider refund or return of the charges paid by the User for the software.
  8. DocVita guarantees the quality of its services offered to the buyer/user. Therefore, in case the software is found to be defective due to any lapse attributable to the Company, it can be replaced with another version of the same software, at no extra charge to the user/buyer.
  9. In furtherance to Clause 6, kindly send all return/refund requests to [email protected] (email ID), as well as your reason for such a request. A reply will be sent to you after it has been determined whether a return/refund is necessary or applicable.