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Get matched with the right therapist

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A therapist is a broad term that includes mental health professionals like counselors, psychologists, life coaches, etc. These people are often certified and licensed by the Governing Boards and are equipped to provide treatment and rehabilitation to the people seeking their services.

They provide you safe space to open up about your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. They help you make a shift in your mindset and ultimately make positive changes in your life. They listen to all your issues with full intent but from a detached perspective. This enables them to provide you with a different perspective to look at life and can help you cope with your issues better.

Online therapy is said to be equally effective as in-person therapy. Various researches have been made time and time again that prove online therapy’s effectiveness in treating mental health disorders. It is an effective, convenient, confidential, and seamless way to seek counseling.

Online therapy is much cheaper when compared to in-person therapy. At DocVita one session of counseling would cost you somewhere between Rs 800 – 3000.

Yes, there is a lot you can do to set the tone of the counseling session. The first thing you need to do is decide the agenda for the therapy session. You can take 10-15 minutes to decide the answers to questions like “ What problem needs addressing? What outcome would you want to attain after the completion of the session?”

A therapist has a more holistic approach to solving the problems of your life. So, if are looking for general counseling you can start by opting for a therapy session. They provide you with a safe space to open up about your emotions and feelings and help you cope better with the issues like anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disorder, etc.

While psychologist is equipped to solve a particular mental health issue better. So, if are suffering from some specific issue that requires a specific treatment like clinical depression it’s a good idea to consult a psychologist.

Yes, definitely. We have therapists who are well-versed in Kannada, Hindi, English, Punjabi, and other local languages. So, all you need to do is apply a filter of that specific language to find a therapist who is well-versed in your preferred language.

It’s fine if you don’t like talking about certain things in your life. You can communicate that to your therapist and they will definitely understand your concerns regarding it. You can always come back to addressing it later once you are ready and more open to discussing these issues.

No, a therapist can’t provide you with medications as they aren’t certified doctors and don’t have a medical degree. But in case your problem requires medications they can work alongside psychiatrists to assist you better in alleviating your issues.

Yes, all your information will be kept 100% confidential. Your privacy is our utmost priority. Whatever details you share with your therapist it will only remain between you and your therapist.

Yes, you definitely can switch to a different therapist if you aren’t comfortable with your current therapist or don’t see any progress. But know that it takes time to build a good relationship with your therapist. You need to give him/her at least 3 to 4 sessions before moving on to another therapist.

Congratulations! By booking your first therapy session, you have taken a gigantic step toward increased mental health and wellbeing. Pat yourself on the back – it takes strength to take such action and be proud of yourself. However, also acknowledge that you might be feeling extra stressed and anxiety Acknowledge the strength required to take action like this and be proud.

Acknowledge, too, that you might be feeling additional stress and anxiety at the notion of starting therapy. That’s normal and a sign that you care about your mental health.

Take 15-20 minutes before your therapy to prioritise your goals for counselling: What is troubling you now? How would you want to change? How would you wish to be at the end of this process?

Taking time to decide what is important to you will give both you and your therapist a solid starting point. From there, you’ll build on your ideas as you work together to achieve your goals.

Your journey towards better mental wellbeing starts from the minute you book your session with a therapist. We at DocVita believe that every step taken in this direction is worth celebrating!

That’s not a problem! If your therapist asks you a question that you don’t want to answer, just tell them that you’re not ready to discuss it. Tell them that you feel uncomfortable discussing that issue and feel unprepared for the emotions that come with bringing that topic up. Perhaps, you can circle back to that topic down the road when you’re ready down the line.

A therapist can help you only if they understand what you are going through. On DocVita, we have therapists who speak many languages – English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Urdu, Malayalam and Telugu. You should choose a therapist who offers counselling in a language you are comfortable with – so you can freely express what you are going through.

Choosing a therapist who offers therapy in a language you think in is a helpful approach. This way, the therapy session will be a more seamless experience for you where you and your therapist can easily understand each other.

Choose a therapist on DocVita who speaks your first language to allow both of you to communicate freely, without any linguistic barriers!

On our platform, you can view the specific areas that each therapist specialises in. You can read their bios and also understand their approaches towards the counselling session. We recommend choosing your mental health professional carefully after identifying your needs and seeing if the therapist specialises in that field. If you are still confused about choosing your therapist, you can talk to us at Team DocVita here! We will do our best to help you find the most suitable therapist for you.

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