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Ms Avani Vasani

Clinical Psychologist
8 years of experience
One should always remember that there is no harm or shame in giving up or asking for help. In fact, that’s where the real work begins. Greetings! I am a Licensed clinical psychologist with more than 7 years of experience in helping people manage different psychological, emotional and behavioural problems. I have done extensive training under trained professionals in different hospitals and mental institutes. I do not believe in restricting therapy to only mental disorders. I have counselled many clients to improve overall functionality and the betterment of their quality of life. I treat Individuals - with Mood fluctuation, Phobias, Panic, OCD, adjustment, eating disorder, body image, personality disorders. I also offer Marital, Relationship and Family therapy, and assist kids with academics and behavioural problems. I incorporate different techniques such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectal Behavior Therapy, and Mindfulness Behavior Cognitive Therapy. Therapy with me is according to patients needs, their problem and their understanding. :)
Today, 21 Sep, 05:00 pm IST
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2254 happy client sessions

Dr Pooja Sharma

Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Emotional Counsellor
21 years of experience
Dr Pooja Sharma is an Emotional Wellness counsellor, IMDHA Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. She has done her Masters in Management Studies and Doctorate In Management. Having over 18 Years Of Corporate Experience In Various Sectors, like Healthcare, Education and Pharmaceutical, Dr Pooja Sharma is Founder of Eternal MIND, where focus is on Learning About Emotions And Improvising Self Abilities. She has been associated with various organisations like Global Goodwill Ambassador Association, Navy Wives Welfare Organization as Emotional counsellor, which has honed her expertise in areas of interpersonal relationship, Concentration & Focus, Pre and post Marital issues, Parenting , Adolescence issues and other Personal and Work life concerns. She has conducted various workshop on Emotional Health issues and Personality Development. Dr Pooja is a patient listener and passionate about understanding and helping individuals in their attempt to achieve a sense of well being and purpose in life. She facilitates the process of self-awareness and change management using tailor-made approaches in the best interest of her clients. Dr Pooja Sharma guides and facilitates Emotional Wellness and Personality Development through personalized sessions. She provides services to resolve:- Adolescent Problems, Anxiety, Behaviour & Thought Problems, Anger Counselling and Crisis Management, Depression, Therapy, Early Parenting Issues, Emotional Outbursts, Family Problems, Grief, Individual Counselling, Intimacy Issues, Life Coaching for Loneliness & Low Confidence, Marital Problems, Marriage Counselling, Emotional Health Problems, OCD, Parenting Issues & Doubts, Pre Marital Problems, Stress Management, Trauma, Fear & Phobias.
Tue, Sep 26, 09:30 am IST
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Delhi, the very beating heart of the nation, witnesses a massive number of events every passing year. The city always gets subjected to the turning wind of the country. From protests to celebrations, the city evolves itself in accordance with its citizens and their temperament. Delhi is home to almost 3.2 crore people. Each person with their hopes, dreams, and ideologies differs from each other yet tries to coexist in harmony. However, the citizens are tackling a silent battle within themselves. A fight that is yet considered a hush-hush topic among many.

In an Indian Express Report, the director of the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences (IHBAS), Dr. Nimesh Desai, stated that almost 8-10% of the Delhi population suffers from a mental illness. These numbers, however, just show the reported or diagnosed cases. Many people hesitate to seek help for their mental ailments due to the fear of judgment, which makes awareness about mental health and treatments even more crucial.

However, more and more people are opening up to the importance of mental health. And awareness is the key to tackling this issue. While mental disorders are not an alien concept emerging out of the blue, the cases have risen at an alarming rate since we witnessed the global pandemic. The tragic event brought unexpected changes around the world, impacting the mental health of the majority of the population. From patients to first-degree responders, everyone went through a turbulent time. And Delhi, one of the epicenters of healthcare necessities, faced the harshest impact during and after the COVID era. These statistics show that even if the stigma around mental health persists, it is vital to seek help if you feel the need for it.

Researching and finding a therapist that suits your needs might seem a bit overwhelming. But the times have changed. You don't have to go through the hassle of visiting different clinics and gathering information about your symptoms and their treatment, with the addition of finding a professional's appointment that aligns with your schedule. DocVita brings you an overall experience from researching symptoms and exploring suitable treatment options to browsing through a panel of highly skilled therapists all in one place!

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Whether it is education, politics, or tourism, Delhi is the center of almost every need of the nation. The city is a melting pot culture, with an average of nearly 650 people migrating from all across the country every day for studies or jobs. More than three thousand colleges are here, out of which 63 colleges and universities offer psychology courses. This shows that the issue isn't the lack of resources regarding psychotherapy but the lack of awareness. More than enough licensed therapists are practicing in the city, including some of India's best mental health specialists.

Nevertheless, people's perceptions of mental illnesses and their treatment might take a few more years to change positively. While it is good that anyone can reach out to their nearest clinic if the need arises, seeking help might also get overwhelming. For some people, even the idea of accepting the fact they are struggling emotionally can be challenging too. And others knowing about their state can be even more dreadful. The fear of judgment is the most significant barrier between you and a healthy mind. Therefore, if you are contemplating reaching out to a skilled therapist to help with your concerns, you might consider an online therapy session.

DocVita offers a hassle-free telehealth experience. You get total power over picking a suitable counselor. Simply answer a few questions that give us an insight into how to assist you better, and you get the full authority to choose from our top suggested specialists. We help you arrange an appointment that fits your schedule. At DocVita, our team of licensed therapists specializes in talk therapy, ensuring that you get a worthwhile virtual experience without visiting a professional's clinic.

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DocVita assures that you get the adequate service you expect. Whether you prefer a physical visit to a therapist's clinic or an online consultation, we are here to help. We can assist you in getting in touch with the top-rated practitioners in your area, and you can book an appointment with them suitable to your preferences.

Virtual sessions have changed the therapy experience for good. It is much less intimidating, and eliminating the need to travel to the clinic makes it cost-effective. Additionally, you get the freedom to schedule appointments as per your needs. So, you can forget the concerns about commuting across the city's hustle-bustle to fulfill your requirements and easily find the right therapist through DocVita today!

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We have always heard, 'health is wealth,' which couldn't be more accurate. However, your mental well-being greatly impacts your physical health. Therefore, acknowledging the necessity to seek aid can help you become a better version of yourself. And you can count on DocVita to assist you with every step. Your decision lies entirely in your hand, and our team will ensure that your requirements are met without any issues.

At DocVita, we aim to make healthcare available for everybody regardless of their concerns. The right therapist is just a few clicks away!

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