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Dr Niharika Singh

4 years of experience
Join me on a journey towards enhanced mental health, where compassion, expertise, and a fervor for progress come together to provide you with comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs. Hi! I am Dr. Niharika Singh, a compassionate and dedicated psychiatrist, having received my training from NIMHANS, Bengaluru, an esteemed institution of national importance. Embracing a holistic perspective, my mission is to guide individuals through the intricate landscape of their mental well-being, focusing on their complete essence. This approach involves not only addressing symptoms but delving into the underlying causes, with a profound appreciation for each individual's distinct narrative and life experiences. My expertise lies in offering comprehensive mental health care that spans across all age groups. In my practice, evidence-based methodologies form the cornerstone. My commitment to excellence is demonstrated by my external training in Non-invasive brain stimulation at NIMHANS, a testament to my dedication to staying at the forefront of innovative treatments. To further expand my prowess in child psychiatry, I am currently enrolled in the prestigious IACAM academy, investing in continuous learning to serve my patients better. Beyond clinical practice, my enthusiasm for research fuels my engagement in meaningful studies. I've had the privilege of serving as a program coordinator in the National Mental Health Survey. This remarkable initiative aimed to illuminate the prevalence of mental health disorders in the Indian population, highlighting my commitment to contributing positively to the field.
Today, 18 Jul, 05:00 pm IST
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a licensed medical practitioner with expertise in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illnesses and emotional disturbances. They have the exclusive authority to prescribe medications, decide their dosage, and oversee their efficacy and potential adverse effects. Psychiatrists are also well-versed in diverse psychotherapy methods like cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, and interpersonal therapy.

Their services encompass a broad spectrum, aiding individuals in comprehending, coping with, and recuperating from their mental health challenges, frequently holding a pivotal role in enhancing the well-being of the individuals under their care.

How can I find a psychiatrist in Chennai?

To find a psychiatrist in Chennai:

  1. Browse through the list of psychiatrists in Chennai at DocVita and choose the one that fits your time, schedule, and budget.
  2. Chat with us and connect with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager who can help you choose a psychiatrist as per your needs.

Are my consultations at DocVita confidential?

At DocVita, all consultations are conducted confidentially and privately through Google Meet or Zoom. No recording of any sort is made of these consultations. All details and information you share with your doctor remain between you and them.

How can I book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Chennai?

To book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Chennai:

  1. Find a psychiatrist by browsing through our directory, or get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager.
  2. Once you have found a psychiatrist of your choice, select your preferred date and time slot for online consultation.
  3. Complete the payment.

After you have made the payment, your appointment will be confirmed instantly.

If there is anything you need help with, please get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager, and it shall be our pleasure to assist.

How will I receive my prescription?

Once the consultation is over, the psychiatrist, if needed, will write a prescription for you, which you can use to procure medication from any pharmacy. The prescription will be delivered to you on your registered WhatsApp number by team DocVita’s care manager.

What is the time duration of a psychiatry consultation?

A single consultation is usually 30 minutes.

How much does a psychiatrist consultation cost in Chennai?

DocVita provides psychiatrist consultations beginning at a rate of INR 1000 or USD $35. It's crucial to recognize that the consultation cost may fluctuate due to multiple factors, such as the psychiatrist's level of expertise, qualifications, the duration of the session, and how often the consultations occur.

Are all psychiatrists working at DocVita verified doctors?

At DocVita, we rigorously verify all psychiatrists through a comprehensive verification process, and you can easily identify them by the green tick displayed alongside their profiles. This signifies that we have verified their degrees and licenses, confirming that they have satisfied our strict verification standards and can provide exceptional services.

How can I find a Tamil-speaking psychiatrist in Chennai?

To locate psychiatrists in Chennai who speak Tamil, you can utilize the language filter at the top of this page. This feature enables you to receive support in your chosen language. At DocVita, our psychiatrists collectively communicate in 11 different languages, significantly improving the chances of finding a psychiatrist who can converse in Tamil.

Selecting a psychiatrist who speaks your language can boost comfort and trust, enabling more precise communication and a better understanding of your symptoms, which is essential for receiving the right medication and treatment plan.

Seeking Psychiatry Treatment in Chennai

In a bustling metropolis like Chennai, looking after your mental well-being is of great importance. The city, while being vibrant and dynamic, also brings with it the stressors of modern urban life. The demanding work culture, fast-paced lifestyle, and the challenges of balancing personal and professional commitments can take a toll on the mental health of Chennai's residents. However, in recent years, there has been a significant shift in public perception of mental health and psychiatric care.

Residents of Chennai are becoming more attuned to the importance of mental well-being, and psychiatric care is increasingly seen as a constructive means to achieve it. The city has seen multiple initiatives aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding psychiatric care and enhancing accessibility to mental health services. Numerous awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops have been conducted to educate the public about the significance of mental health. Additionally, various organizations and non-profit entities are actively working to make psychiatric care accessible. The evolving perception towards mental health and medication management, coupled with concerted efforts to diminish stigma and improve accessibility, positions Chennai as an increasingly supportive and encouraging environment for those seeking mental health support.

How to Select the Best Psychiatrists in Chennai?

Choosing the most suitable psychiatrist for your mental health and overall well-being is a significant decision that demands careful thought, time, and patience. This choice should align with your personal preferences and specific needs. Therefore, consider the following factors when searching for the best psychiatrist in Chennai:

  1. Understand Your Needs: Invest time in recognizing your unique requirements and identifying the specific issues you're facing, along with their related signs and symptoms. This self-awareness will guide you in selecting a psychiatrist with the ideal expertise.
  2. Verify Certifications and Qualifications: Ensuring that the chosen psychiatrist possesses the necessary qualifications is crucial. Look for a licensed medical doctor with credentials like an MD in Psychiatry or a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine.
  3. Assess Their Specialization: Some psychiatrists focus on specific areas within the field, such as anxiety or mood disorders, geriatric services, and more. Seek an expert whose specialization aligns with your particular needs.
  4. Evaluate Communication Style: Consider the psychiatrist's approach to communication. A proficient psychiatrist should excel as an attentive listener, demonstrate empathy, and explain treatment options clearly.
  5. Ensure Ethical Standards: Ensure that the psychiatrist upholds ethical standards and maintains rigorous client confidentiality.
  6. Select by Your Preferred Language: At DocVita, you can access a diverse network of psychiatrists who can communicate in 11 languages. This allows you to consult with someone who speaks your native language, enhancing your ability to communicate comfortably and articulate your symptoms.
  7. Take into account Availability and Cost: Since psychiatric consultations are ongoing in nature, it's essential to confirm that the psychiatrist's availability aligns with your schedule for added convenience. Additionally, factor in the cost, as you'll have regular follow-up appointments. Considering these aspects in advance can streamline the treatment process.
  8. Prefer Online Consultations: Recognize that psychiatric treatment often requires frequent consultations. DocVita strives to overcome geographical barriers by offering online consultations, making it easy to consult with a psychiatrist from the comfort of your home.

Keep in mind that finding the right psychiatrist may take time, and it's entirely acceptable to switch if you feel your current psychiatrist isn't meeting your needs. The primary objective is to select a psychiatrist who can provide the appropriate treatment plan to help you achieve your mental health goals.