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Dr Shabana M.S.

Counselling Psychologist
23 years of experience
In my professional journey as a Clinical Psychologist, I've come to believe deeply in the inherent goodness and potential within each individual. Hey, I am Dr. Shabana, and my therapeutic approach is grounded in unconditional positive regard. In my practice, I aim to foster an environment where clients can embrace their uniqueness and embark on a journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and transformation. With over 20 years of clinical experience, I've had the privilege of working across various settings, including hospitals, educational institutions, NGOs, and government projects, serving as a Consultant and in-house Psychologist. As the Principal Psychologist and Founder of LitmuS Psychological Services, I also provide online psychological support and training. Additionally, I am honored to be associated with Manipal Hospital as a Consultant Psychologist, where I continue to contribute to the field of mental health. Throughout my career, I've addressed a diverse range of mental health issues and provided family and marital counseling, along with offering support to chronically and terminally ill patients. My academic journey includes earning a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Department of Psychology, University of Calicut, where I conducted an in-depth study on the Psychosocial Correlates of Conduct Disorders and the Efficacy of an Intervention Programme. I've also received training in Hypnotherapy, further enhancing my therapeutic toolkit. Additionally, as an active member of professional organizations such as the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Tamil Nadu Psychology Association, Indian Association of Clinical and Academic Hypnosis, British Psychological Society, and American Psychological Association, I remain committed to staying updated with the latest developments in the field. My areas of focus in therapy include individual therapy, relationship counseling, marital counseling, family counseling, and psychotherapy for depression and anxiety. I also specialize in grief and bereavement counseling, infertility counseling, and providing support to the LGBTQIA+ community. Additionally, I offer counseling for coping with chronic illness, managing caregiver stress, achieving work-life balance, and stress management. I am also passionate about promoting well-being, building confidence and resilience, and providing life coaching for adolescents and adults, along with offering psychoeducation to empower individuals with knowledge about mental health and self-care.
Today, 23 Apr, 09:15 pm IST
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Sayesha Mani

Clinical Psychologist
5 years of experience
I aim to facilitate holistic healing by working collaboratively with clients through various modalities. Hey, I’m Sayesha, a licensed clinical psychologist (A). I specialize in working with queer and neurodivergent individuals and adults with ADHD, anxiety, and depression. I also help my clients deal with relationship concerns, mental well-being at work, and grief. In my practice, I seek to be inclusive, affirmative, and comprehensive. Combining these principles in practice, for me, means actively working towards creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and heard. It requires ongoing self-reflection, learning, and openness to feedback. By embracing inclusivity, affirming individuals' identities and experiences, and adopting a comprehensive perspective, I allow myself to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those I work with. Moreover, this approach contributes to a more just and equitable society where diversity is acknowledged. My fundamental approach relies on drawing on my training and my own experiences as a queer and neurodivergent individual. The approach I take to therapy emphasizes and encourages the recognition that the client defines their identity through multiple intersections. By providing a space for clients to tell their stories and experiences, the client and I can discover their unique ways of being and expressing themselves. Having faced a lack of accommodating spaces for my mental well-being, I am driven to create spaces that foster self-acceptance and recovery through a trauma-informed lens. I am also keen on bringing a deeply political perspective to psychology - following the belief that our existence is inseparable from our larger environment.
Tomorrow, 24 Apr, 12:00 pm IST
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"I have been taking session weekly with Ms Sanchita for 7 months now and always feel better after my sessions and overall too i find much improvement in my issues. She is compassionate and creates a safe environment for me to discuss my problems and helps me navigate through my feelings and helps me feel calm."
Photo ofMs Sanchita, Clinical Psychologist, RCI-Licensed
Review for: Ms Sanchita, Clinical Psychologist, RCI-Licensed
"Very good service provided from home to cater our needs and have an amazing team. Kanika mam, is the most helpful person when one needs help. I would suggest her to anyone any day."
Photo ofMs Kanika, Clinical Psychologist, RCI-Licensed
Review for: Ms Kanika, Clinical Psychologist, RCI-Licensed
"Suma has been my therapist for 8 months to me and helped me come out of social anxiety and overcome my depression and low self esteem. She is a very great listener and the techniques/resources she provided to improve my mental health are amazing! Highly recommend."
Photo ofMs Suma, Clinical Psychologist, RCI-Licensed
Review for: Ms Suma, Clinical Psychologist, RCI-Licensed
"Tania is a really great listener and would make sure i am being understood and that is something that I desperately wanted in my therapist! Highly recommend!!"
Photo ofMs Tania, Relationship Coach & Counselling Psychologist
Review for: Ms Tania, Relationship Coach & Counselling Psychologist
"I had a good experience with my therapist Ms.Parvathy Ramakrishnan. She really made an effort to understand and analyse me. I have attended 5 sessions so far and it's been really helpful."
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Confidential & Private Online Sessions via Trusted Platforms

At DocVita, we offer confidential sessions over Google Meet or Zoom. Your therapy sessions are never recorded, and whatever information you exchange with your therapist remains between you and them, ensuring a private and supportive therapeutic journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a therapist?

Therapists are trained mental health professionals who engage with individuals, couples, families, and groups to provide support and address mental health concerns. Within a secure and supportive environment, therapists guide clients in exploring their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

With the right therapist, clients can see personal growth and improved quality of life as they get better at managing their emotions.

How can I find a therapist in Salem?

To find a therapist in Salem:

  1. Browse through the list of therapists in Salem at DocVita and choose the one that aligns with your schedule, availability, and budget.
  2. Use our tool to get matched to a therapist. Simply answer a few simple questions. Based on your answers, our algorithm will match you to a therapist who suits your needs.
  3. Connect with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager over chat. They can help you choose a therapist that fits your needs.

Does online therapy work?

Numerous global studies have demonstrated online therapy to be equally effective as in-person therapy. Moreover, engaging in mental health care through online platforms offers a hassle-free and seamless experience. It enhances consistency, provides greater flexibility and convenience, eliminates geographic constraints, and reduces the expenses associated with travel.

At DocVita, we incorporate reminders to aid clients in recalling their upcoming appointments, fostering consistent engagement and progress in therapy.

Are my sessions at DocVita confidential?

All consultations at DocVita are completely confidential. Conducted via Google Meet or Zoom, these sessions are never recorded. We guarantee that any information you disclose to your therapist will remain strictly between you and them.

How can I book a session with a therapist in Salem?

To book an appointment with a therapist in Salem:

  1. Find a therapist by browsing through our directory, use our match-making tool, or get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager.
  2. Select the type of consultation you want to opt for - individual, couples, or family.
  3. Select your preferred date and time slot.
  4. Complete the payment.

Once you have made the payment, your appointment will be confirmed instantly. If there is anything you need help with, please get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager, and it shall be our pleasure to provide support for your therapy journey.

What is the time duration of a therapy session?

Therapy sessions typically range from 45 to 60 minutes. However, variations may occur as therapy often transcends strict time limits.

How much does a therapist cost in Salem?

A therapy session at DocVita commences at ₹1500 or US$20, with additional variables such as therapist qualifications, specialization, approach, duration, and frequency influencing the overall cost in Salem. Recognizing the importance of investing resources in mental health enhancement through therapy is crucial. Opting for the right therapist can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of treatment, ultimately leading to time and cost savings in the long term.

Are all therapists working at DocVita verified professionals?

DocVita ensures that all accredited professionals bear a green check mark on their profiles, affirming their compliance with our standards and ability to deliver high-quality therapy services.

How can I find a Tamil-speaking therapist in Salem?

If you are searching for therapists fluent in Tamil in Salem, simply use the language filter at the top of this page. DocVita offers access to therapists who collectively speak 17 different languages, increasing the probability of connecting with a Tamil-speaking therapist.

Choosing a therapist who speaks your language encourages a more open expression of emotions, establishing trust and comfort as pivotal factors for achieving success in therapy.

Seeking Therapy in Salem

Known for its dynamic industrial landscape and prosperous agriculture, Salem is rapidly evolving into an economic and industrial center. It brings forth a unique set of challenges typical of swiftly urbanizing areas. The city's growth has positioned it as a vital hub in developing India. While such progress is promising, it also introduces potential mental health concerns, including financial burden, work-related stress, and shifts in family dynamics. Therefore, prioritizing mental well-being becomes crucial amid these changes.

In recent years, Salem has witnessed a growing awareness of mental health issues, with an increased focus on mental healthcare. The community now shows better support for individuals seeking professional help. Numerous non-governmental organizations (NGOs) actively operate in the city, aiming to educate residents about the advantages of therapy and providing resources to initiate their mental well-being journey. So, even though the urban lifestyle in Salem can contribute to burnout and fatigue, it's essential to recognize that therapy offers a means to recharge. This support allows individuals to persist in pursuing their goals while simultaneously enjoying an improved quality of life.

How to Choose the Top Psychologist in Salem?

Selecting the right therapist in Salem is a thoughtful process that demands careful consideration tailored to your unique needs and preferences. When searching for the perfect therapist, follow these steps:

  1. Define Your Objectives: Gain clarity on your therapy goals and understand your specific needs. Familiarize yourself with different aspects of mental health, pinpointing the challenges you want to address. This will assist you in identifying therapists specializing in your specific concerns.
  2. Validate Experience and Qualification: Investigate the professional backgrounds and educational credentials of various psychologists in Salem. Ensure they have a Master's of M.Phil in psychology and are affiliated with recognized professional bodies such as the Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists (IACP) or the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI).
  3. Explore Therapeutic Approaches: Familiarize yourself with different therapeutic approaches and choose a therapist practicing an approach that aligns with your preferences.
  4. Choose Your Preferred Language: DocVita provides access to therapists who provide therapy in 17 languages. Opt for a therapist fluent in your language to enhance communication and streamline the therapeutic process.
  5. Evaluate Cost, Accessibility, and Location: Consider factors like cost, location, and accessibility, as therapy is an ongoing process. Online therapy can be a viable option to overcome geographical barriers.
  6. Prioritize Comfort: Establishing trust and feeling comfortable with your therapist is crucial for effectiveness. Select a therapist who makes you feel at ease and allows open expression.
  7. Utilize Introductory Calls: Make use of DocVita's 15-minute introductory calls to assess whether the therapist meets your expectations.

While finding the ideal therapist in Salem may demand patience, the time invested in considering your options is worthwhile in the long term. If your current therapist doesn't meet your expectations, don't hesitate to explore other options. The goal is to find a therapist to offer the necessary support tailored to your needs.

Confidential & Private Online Sessions via Trusted Platforms

At DocVita, we ensure that your sessions are 100% private and confidential. All therapy sessions take place over Google Meet or Zoom and are never recorded. The information you exchange with your therapist remains between you and them, ensuring a private and supportive therapeutic journey.