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Dr Kartik Valipay

7 years of experience
From addressing depression, anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, and panic disorder to effectively managing schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder, I am equipped to guide individuals towards improved mental health outcomes. Hi! I am Dr. Kartik Valipay, a Consultant Psychiatrist based in Hyderabad, with a career spanning over 7 years of experience in the realm of Psychiatry. Throughout this journey, I've held pivotal roles that have significantly shaped my expertise. Formerly, I served as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Department of Emergency Psychiatry at Asha Hospital, Hyderabad. This experience provided me with insights into the critical and acute aspects of mental health care, enabling me to develop a nuanced understanding of immediate psychiatric interventions. In addition, I contributed as a Senior Resident in the Department of Psychiatry at BJ Medical College, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad. This role allowed me to engage with a diverse range of patients, refine my clinical skills, and actively participate in the evolution of psychiatric treatment methodologies. Presently, I hold positions that allow me to continue making an impact on mental health care. As a Consultant Psychiatrist at Asha Neuromodulation Clinic, Hyderabad, I am deeply committed to providing personalized and comprehensive care to my clients. My association with Apollo Hospital, Hyderguda, Hyderabad, extends my reach to a broader spectrum of individuals seeking mental health support. Additionally, I serve as a Consultant Psychiatrist at CC Shroff Memorial Hospital, Hyderabad, further enhancing my ability to contribute to the well-being of my patients. I extend an invitation to join me on a journey towards enhanced mental well-being, where my extensive experience, diverse roles, and unwavering commitment to excellence converge to offer you exceptional care tailored to your unique needs.
Today, 18 Jul, 03:30 pm IST
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At DocVita, we offer confidential consultations over Google Meet or Zoom. Your psychiatry appointments are never recorded, and whatever information you exchange with your psychiatrist remains between you and them, ensuring a private and supportive treatment journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a qualified medical practitioner specializing in mental health. They undertake the crucial task of identifying, treating, and even preventing a spectrum of mental illnesses and emotional disturbances. Their responsibilities extend to prescribing medications for symptom management, administering psychotherapy to facilitate mental health navigation, and offering support during critical episodes.

By leveraging their medical expertise alongside psychotherapeutic skills, psychiatrists proactively identify risk factors and provide comprehensive care, thereby playing an indispensable role in promoting overall mental well-being.

How can I find a psychiatrist in Salem?

To find a psychiatrist in Salem:

  1. Browse through the list of psychiatrists in Salem at DocVita and choose the one that fits your time, schedule, and budget.
  2. Chat with us and connect with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager who can help you choose a psychiatrist as per your needs.

Are my consultations at DocVita confidential?

At DocVita, consultations are strictly confidential and private, conducted on secure platforms like Google Meet or Zoom, with no recordings. We assure you that any information you disclose to the psychiatrist remains confidential, maintaining the utmost discretion between you and them.

How can I book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Salem?

To book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Salem:

  1. Find a psychiatrist by browsing through our directory, or get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager.
  2. Once you have found a psychiatrist of your choice, select your preferred date and time slot for online consultation.
  3. Complete the payment.

After you have made the payment, your appointment will be confirmed instantly. If there is anything you need help with, please get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager, and it shall be our pleasure to assist.

How will I receive my prescription?

At DocVita, psychiatrists share prescriptions if necessary, enabling you to obtain your medications from a pharmacy. Following your online psychiatry consultation, our Care Managers will swiftly deliver the prescription tailored to your case to your WhatsApp number registered with DocVita.

What is the time duration of a psychiatry consultation?

The typical duration for a psychiatric consultation is 30 minutes.

How much does a psychiatrist consultation cost in Salem?

DocVita offers psychiatrist consultations starting at INR 1000 or USD $35. It's important to recognize that the consultation rates in Salem can vary based on elements such as the psychiatrist's expertise, qualifications, session duration, and frequency.

Are all psychiatrists working at DocVita verified doctors?

DocVita maintains a stringent verification process for all psychiatrists, denoted by a green checkmark on their profiles. We meticulously confirm their degrees and licenses, ensuring that they meet our criteria for delivering top-notch medical services.

How can I find a Tamil-speaking psychiatrist in Salem?

At DocVita, finding psychiatrists who speak Tamil is simplified through the language filter feature available at the top of this page. This function ensures support in your chosen language. Moreover, our panel of psychiatrists is proficient in multiple languages, including Tamil, increasing the possibility of finding a Tamil-speaking psychiatrist.

Selecting a psychiatrist fluent in your language can enhance comfort and trust, fostering more transparent communication and a better understanding of your symptoms. This is vital for receiving precise medication and treatment guidance.

Seeking Psychiatry Treatment in Salem

In Salem, there's a notable surge in mental health awareness and psychiatric care, marking a significant transformation in the city's landscape. Distinguished institutions like the Salem Government Medical College and Hospital (SGMCH) are pivotal in enhancing psychiatric care standards and spearheading cutting-edge research endeavors. The city also fosters a compassionate and inclusive atmosphere, catering to individuals needing mental health assistance.

Various local non-profit organizations are engaged in combating the negative beliefs surrounding mental health challenges. Thus, your well-being takes priority amidst Salem's distinct blend of traditional values and burgeoning industrial growth. Access to psychiatric care is readily available, essential for supporting your mental health journey, rendering Salem a supportive place for those seeking comprehensive mental health assistance.

How to Decide On the Top Psychiatrists in Salem?

Choosing the right psychiatrist is a crucial decision that significantly impacts your mental well-being. It, therefore, requires careful consideration, patience, and attention to your personal preferences and individual needs. Here are some key factors to consider when searching for the top psychiatrist in Salem:

  1. Understand Your Needs: Take the time to understand your specific requirements and challenges, including any symptoms you may be experiencing. This understanding will help you find a psychiatrist with the right expertise to address your concerns.
  2. Verify Certifications and Qualifications: It is essential to ensure that the psychiatrist you choose is a licensed medical doctor with qualifications such as an MD in Psychiatry or a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine.
  3. Assess Their Expertise: Psychiatrists often specialize in specific areas within the field, such as anxiety, mood disorders, or geriatric services. Look for a specialist whose expertise aligns with your needs.
  4. Evaluate Communication Style: Consider the psychiatrist's communication style. Effective communication involves being a good listener, demonstrating empathy, and explaining treatment options clearly.
  5. Confirm Ethical Standards: Make sure the psychiatrist follows ethical standards and respects client confidentiality.
  6. Select by Your Preferred Language: DocVita offers access to a diverse network of psychiatrists who can communicate in 11 different languages, making it easier to express yourself comfortably.
  7. Consider Availability and Cost: As the nature of psychiatrist consultations can be frequent, check the psychiatrist's availability to ensure it fits your schedule. It is also crucial to ensure that the cost of appointments fits your budget.
  8. Prefer Online Consultations: DocVita offers online consultations, providing convenience and accessibility for those who prefer remote appointments.

Remember, finding the right psychiatrist may take time, and it is okay to switch if you are not progressing in your current treatment plan. The important thing is to find a psychiatrist who can develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your mental health goals.

Confidential and Private Online Psychiatric Consultation over Google Meet and Zoom

At DocVita, we offer confidential sessions over Google Meet or Zoom. Your online consultations with your psychiatrist are never recorded, and whatever information you exchange with your psychiatrist remains between you and them, ensuring a private and supportive psychiatry treatment.