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Ms Zarina Poonawalla

Life Coach, Counselling Psychologist

Fluent In English, Hindi, Gujarati
years ofexperience
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About Ms Zarina Poonawalla

Zarina Poonawalla is a Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Educator and podcaster. She is the founder of Abbzoh Expertise Unique which constantly thrives on learning and evolving to benefit individuals, leaders, stakeholders and organisations worldwide. Zarina is the podcast host of 'The Life Manifesto', ‘The Empowering Series with Zarina Poonawalla’ on the IVM Podcasts and is widely available on Apple podcast, Spotify, Jio Saavn, Originals, Audioboom, Stitcher and anywhere you can listen to podcasts. Her shows have garnered enormous listenership and are making a difference in the lives of many globally. In her professional capacity, Zarina has worked closely with Founders, Entrepreneurs, Ceos, Business Honchos, Management Gurus, Families, Individuals, Parents and Student communities worldwide for over a decade. She believes every individual has unleashed potential which can be recognised and tapped to enhance the quality of life, relationships and professions. The very essences of her programs are self-realisation, potential maximisation, a positive state of mind and embracing happiness. She completed her Bachelors from the reputed H.R College in Mumbai and pursued her degree in International Business from The University of Sydney, Australia. During her years in education, she kept self-learning, completed diplomas in various vocations and took up plenty of jobs. In recent times she was exclusively selected on merits by John Mattone, coach to Steve Jobs, for personal coaching and certification with Mr Mattone enabling her to have insights on World Leader mindsets, success stories and understanding of leadership virtues, further adding to her expertise and international experiences. She has been certified in ‘The Signature Intelligence Leadership’ Program and has also successfully certified in various programs, including an international certification in ‘Train the Trainer’, ‘NLP ’, ‘Peak Performance Coach Certification’, ‘ EQ’, among others. Zarina has nurtured her unique ability in people's skills with her solitary core principle and believes one can truly inspire positive change with the CAPE principle – Compassion, Attitude, Perseverance and Empathy. Her valuable proficiency and prolific method of imparting the same have kept her encompassed with an ever-growing clientele, consistent retainer ship, high rated feedback and credits. Zarina has been a catalyst aiding the successful growth and transformation of over 40,000 people globally with her ‘I Choose Happiness’, ‘Changing with Change’, ‘You are a Leader’, ‘Your Life Your Reign’ and ‘Impactful Communication’, more than 250 individual high profile clientele through one-on-one coaching and above 35 Educational Institutes with ‘Walk the Talk’, ‘Technology your friend or foe!’, ‘Dealing with Parental and Peer Pressure’, ‘Be Confident Be You’. Zarina has been sanctified with happy participants in all her programs. This keeps her driven and passionate to improve the quality of life for those she associates with through her intricately customised and invigorating life boosters. Her patrons include MNCs, SMEs, Celebrities, Industrialists, Refineries, Real Estate, Financial Institutions, startups, IT & Technology, F&B, Lifestyle & Fashion Brands, Banks, Diamond Merchants, and Steel Tycoons. She is also the Knowledge Partner for a film production house enabling her to share thoughts and insights on various film-related events, social issues and human behavioral patterns. Her last film affiliation hit 2 million views with a worldwide screening and her talk post the premiers internationally was very well received. She is currently in the process of penning down her book and associating for a TV program to reach global audiences and elevate happy people.

  • Life Coach
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Masters & Double Majors International Business - University of Sydney
  • BCom - HR College of Commerce & Economics
  • Certified Life Coach

FAQs about Ms Zarina Poonawalla

What languages does Ms Zarina Poonawalla speak?

Ms Zarina speaks English, Hindi, Gujarati.

What qualifications does Ms Zarina Poonawalla hold?

Ms Zarina holds Masters & Double Majors International Business, BCom and Certified Life Coach.

How many years of experience does Ms Zarina Poonawalla have?

Ms Zarina has 14 years of experience.

Is it possible to consult with Ms Zarina Poonawalla online?

Yes, you can book a video or online consultation with Ms Zarina using DocVita. It's easy, safe & secure.

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