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Dr Niharika Singh

4 years of experience
Join me on a journey towards enhanced mental health, where compassion, expertise, and a fervor for progress come together to provide you with comprehensive care tailored to your unique needs. Hi! I am Dr. Niharika Singh, a compassionate and dedicated psychiatrist, having received my training from NIMHANS, Bengaluru, an esteemed institution of national importance. Embracing a holistic perspective, my mission is to guide individuals through the intricate landscape of their mental well-being, focusing on their complete essence. This approach involves not only addressing symptoms but delving into the underlying causes, with a profound appreciation for each individual's distinct narrative and life experiences. My expertise lies in offering comprehensive mental health care that spans across all age groups. In my practice, evidence-based methodologies form the cornerstone. My commitment to excellence is demonstrated by my external training in Non-invasive brain stimulation at NIMHANS, a testament to my dedication to staying at the forefront of innovative treatments. To further expand my prowess in child psychiatry, I am currently enrolled in the prestigious IACAM academy, investing in continuous learning to serve my patients better. Beyond clinical practice, my enthusiasm for research fuels my engagement in meaningful studies. I've had the privilege of serving as a program coordinator in the National Mental Health Survey. This remarkable initiative aimed to illuminate the prevalence of mental health disorders in the Indian population, highlighting my commitment to contributing positively to the field.
Today, 18 Jul, 05:00 pm IST
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At DocVita, we offer confidential consultations over Google Meet or Zoom. Your psychiatry appointments are never recorded, and whatever information you exchange with your psychiatrist remains between you and them, ensuring a private and supportive treatment journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a highly trained medical professional who focuses on identifying, treating, and preventing mental illnesses and emotional disturbances. They have the authority to prescribe medications to alleviate symptoms and provide psychotherapy to assist individuals in managing their mental health difficulties. During critical situations, such as acute episodes, psychiatrists can also offer crisis intervention.

Psychiatrists are essential in the prevention of mental health problems as they can identify risk factors early and intervene promptly. With their medical expertise and proficiency in psychotherapy, they possess a unique skill set to address a wide range of mental health issues, thereby significantly contributing to the overall well-being of their patients.

How can I find a psychiatrist in Lucknow?

To find a psychiatrist in Lucknow:

  1. Browse through the list of psychiatrists in Lucknow at DocVita and choose the one that fits your time, schedule, and budget.
  2. Chat with us and connect with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager who can help you choose a psychiatrist as per your needs.

Are my consultations at DocVita confidential?

DocVita guarantees that every consultation maintains strict confidentiality and privacy, utilizing platforms like Google Meet or Zoom. These sessions are never recorded, and any information you share remains confidential between you and your psychiatrist.

How can I book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Lucknow?

To book an appointment with a psychiatrist in Lucknow:

  1. Find a psychiatrist by browsing through our directory, or get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager.
  2. Once you have found a psychiatrist of your choice, select your preferred date and time slot for online consultation.
  3. Complete the payment.

After you have made the payment, your appointment will be confirmed instantly. If there is anything you need help with, please get in touch with a dedicated DocVita Care Manager, and it shall be our pleasure to assist.

How will I receive my prescription?

At DocVita, if required, prescriptions are provided by all psychiatrists to facilitate medication acquisition from a pharmacy. Following your online consultation, DocVita's Care Managers will promptly send the prescription to your registered WhatsApp number as per your case.

What is the time duration of a psychiatry consultation?

The duration of a psychiatry session is 30 minutes, on average.

How much does a psychiatrist consultation cost in Lucknow?

DocVita offers psychiatrist consultations starting at INR 1000 or USD $35. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that the consultation fee in Lucknow might differ due to factors like the psychiatrist's expertise, qualifications, session duration, and frequency.

Are all psychiatrists working at DocVita verified doctors?

DocVita ensures that all psychiatrists undergo a comprehensive verification procedure, distinguished by a green checkmark on their profile. We diligently verify their degrees and licenses, confirming they meet our criteria for offering high-quality treatment.

How can I find a Hindi or Urdu-speaking psychiatrist in Lucknow?

At DocVita, accessing psychiatrists fluent in Hindi or Urdu is made effortless with the language filter feature located at the top of this page. This convenient tool guarantees support in your preferred language. We offer access to psychiatrists skilled in different languages, thereby increasing the likelihood of finding a psychiatrist fluent in Hindi Or Urdu.

Choosing a psychiatrist who speaks your language is essential for fostering comfort and trust, facilitating clearer communication, and gaining a deeper understanding of your symptoms. This is crucial for receiving accurate medication and treatment guidance.

Seeking Psychiatry Treatment in Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, is making significant progress in promoting mental well-being and accessibility to psychiatric care. Within its vibrant streets and diverse culture, the city is beginning to acknowledge the significance of mental health. Several institutions offering psychiatric services demonstrate a steadfast commitment to mental well-being. However, as urbanization persists, it brings forth new challenges and issues that can exacerbate mental health concerns.

Nevertheless, the increased awareness in recent times has resulted in more individuals being receptive to seeking psychiatric care. Additionally, Lucknow is home to numerous non-profit organizations dedicated to dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health issues and advocating for mental well-being. Therefore, amidst Lucknow's urban environment, psychiatric care is finding its footing as a crucial means of supporting and enhancing individuals' quality of life.

How to Select the Top Psychiatrists in Lucknow?

Choosing the right psychiatrist in Lucknow is important for your mental health. However, it requires some effort and time. The following are some things to help you pick the best one:

  1. Understand Your Requirements: Take some time to understand your issues and symptoms so you can find a psychiatrist who's the right fit.
  2. Check Qualifications: It's essential to ensure that the professional you choose is a licensed medical doctor with qualifications such as an MD in Psychiatry or a Diploma in Psychiatric Medicine.
  3. Assess Speciality: Some psychiatrists specialize in different issues like anxiety or mood disorders. Find one that matches what you need help with.
  4. Evaluate Communication Style: To provide a comprehensive treatment plan, the psychiatrist must listen well, show empathy, and explain things clearly.
  5. Verify Ethical Adherence: They should maintain confidentiality and follow good ethics.
  6. Select by Preferred Language: At DocVita, you can find psychiatrists who speak different languages, helping you feel comfortable talking about your feelings. Communicating in the same language can ease the hesitation and make communication more effective.
  7. Factor in Availability and Costs: Make sure their schedule works with yours, and think about how much it'll cost for your appointments.
  8. Prefer Online Appointments: Platforms like DocVita offer easy access to online consultations, making the process of seeking psychiatric care more efficient.

Remember, finding the right psychiatrist might take some time, and it's okay to switch if you need to. The important thing is to find someone who helps you feel better.

Confidential and Private Online Psychiatric Consultation over Google Meet and Zoom

At DocVita, we offer confidential sessions over Google Meet or Zoom. Your online consultations with your psychiatrist are never recorded, and whatever information you exchange with your psychiatrist remains between you and them, ensuring a private and supportive psychiatry treatment.