Ms Neha Ravichandran - psychologist

Ms Neha Ravichandran


Counselling Psychologist, Couple therapy, Family Therapy, Teen Parent counselling, Dream Analysis, Art Therapy, Color Therapy, Vedic Psychology, CBT, NLP, Graphologist

Fluent In English, Hindi, Punjabi
years ofexperience
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About Ms Neha Ravichandran

Trained more then 60,000 + people 5000 + individual counsellee and families Ms Neha’s is very capable of connecting with people and bringing a change in their lives. She is a holistic therapist on family; youth and teen-related issues. With formal certifications in 2016, she has been a counsellor for 6 years now, with an overall experience of working with people of over 14 years. She has been focused on counselling people with varied emotional intelligence issues, relationships, anger, family, stress, depression, marriage etc. emotions; work; colleagues; social interaction; extramarital affair, abuse, social phobia; personality; insomnia, body-image; OCD; mood disorder; grief; divorce, PTSD and more. She has supported people from all walks of life be it, professionals; students; men/women going through various challenges in their social; personal or professional life. Neha is driven by varied passions and has not limited her desire to explore and learn. The driving force of our life is to achieve or do something. Most women go through a change in their lifestyle due to changing family circumstances. Her desire to balance life with family and her own pursuits were very high and that started the journey to know what more she can learn to make herself more satisfied. She decided to study further as it helped her explore new horizons along with managing her responsibilities. Starting her own practice in 2015, Athreyaa Wellness (refine mind and image) – had a holistic approach to work on people at different levels. She created her own brand and paved her own career path in 2015. Happily married and am a mother of two pre-teens. Academic qualifications include – Masters in Psychology (IGNOU) , MBA(Lucknow University), Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology (Banjara Academy) CBT; NLP; REBT; Clinical Disorders; Child Psychology; Vedic Psychology; Raga Psychology,Anger Management; Art Therapy; Graphology; Behaviour Counselling; Marriage Counselling; Color Therapy; - Asha The Hope, Image Consulting (ICBI) A good psychologist is one who is able to connect with people and lets them speak. The psychologist then brings in their own insights and expertise to work with such people without letting their own distortions affect their counselee. She has grown, as a mentor for Diploma in counselling and Family Therapy students at Asha The Hope. CCI, psychology India. Neha is an aspiring lifelong learner. Specializations: Counselling Psychologist, Vedic psychologist, Art Therapist, Dream Anylsis coach, Graphologist, Teen - Adult behaviour psychologist

  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Couple therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Teen Parent counselling
  • Dream Analysis
  • Art Therapy
  • Color Therapy
  • Vedic Psychology
  • CBT
  • NLP
  • Graphologist
  • Diploma in Counselling Skills - Banjara Academy
  • MA (Psychology) - Indira Gandhi National Open University

FAQs about Ms Neha Ravichandran

What languages does Ms Neha Ravichandran speak?

Ms Neha speaks English, Hindi, Punjabi.

What qualifications does Ms Neha Ravichandran hold?

Ms Neha holds Diploma in Counselling Skills and MA (Psychology).

Where does Ms Neha Ravichandran practice?
  • Athreyaa Wellness, Whitefield, Bangalore
How many years of experience does Ms Neha Ravichandran have?

Ms Neha has 7 years of experience.

Is it possible to consult with Ms Neha Ravichandran online?

Yes, you can book a video or online consultation with Ms Neha using DocVita. It's easy, safe & secure.

Can I book an appointment to meet Ms Neha Ravichandran?

Ms Neha is currently not accepting bookings to meet at Athreyaa Wellness on DocVita. Please contact Athreyaa Wellness to check for availability and booking.

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