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To take care of our health, we book appointments for doctors very quickly when it is related to a general health issue or a chronic or severe health concern. But, when it comes to sexual health, many people remain uncomfortable talking about these issues. Taking care of the sexual aspect of your health is just as important as other areas. To get proper guidance and treatment in matters of sexual relationships, sexual orientation, and disorders related to the sexual health of an individual, one should book an appointment with a sexologist. A sexologist, or sex therapist, is a medical professional who has received specialized training and education in prospects of sexual health, orientation, development, disorders, and dysfunctions. They can help with medications and therapy for issues such as sexual wants, identity issues due to sexual orientation, inabilities, decreased libido, and other disorders related to sexual health. When someone is facing these issues, they may not want to discuss their issues with a doctor, but there should be no apprehension here as the comfort of an online sex therapist consultation call can remove much of the hesitation.

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Dr Vani P - psychiatrist


Fluent In Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, English
3 years of
"Dr Vani P has completed her senior & junior residency from NIMHANS. She's proficient in both pharmaco and psychotherapies. Her interests include general psychiatry, sexual disorders, and palliative care.
Fluent In: Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, English
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We understand your apprehension in these matters and to provide solutions we have both male and female specialists onboard, who are ready to help with any problem you are facing related to the sexual health.

Absolutely, all your information is safe. The credentials you put while registering as well as the details about your problem that are directly shared with the health care provider, all are safe with us. So, you can openly talk about everything.

We highly suggest that you openly and honestly share all your sexual health issues. Only then will you be able to get the right guidance from the specialist. They will help you in opening up as well, so you just need to be cooperative to get proper treatment.

In problems that are related to your partner, their involvement may be needed. But, to be on the safe side you must ask the specialist for guidance on this and then go ahead with involving your partner.

This totally depends on your specific condition which will be thoroughly examined by the sexologist. For the health care providers on our platform, it is important that you health becomes good in all manners, so they will take complete care that you get healthy.

Treatment for Sexual Relationship Issues Through Online Telehealth Appointments

When there are problems of the sexual nature between a couple, it can become the reason for a major tussle in married life. Decreased desire, not being interested in having intercourse with the partner due to physical or psychological concerns, having problems such as Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Premature Ejaculation (PE), masturbation, circumcision, impotency, and penis size, are the major problematic zones. solutions for these can be given by a sex therapist.

It is suggested that one should talk openly about these issues to the healthcare provider, otherwise, these issues might never get resolved. After examining and evaluating your specific case, a practitioner can give you therapy or medication, or possibly a combination of both. To lead a happy married life, one should consult a doctor when facing the above-mentioned issues in their relationship.

The psychological and physical impact of sexual abuse and trauma can lead to difficulties in wanting to establish relationships. Therapy regarding these aspects also comes under the purview of a sex therapist. Problems that you are experiencing can openly be discussed with a counsellor because they know why those problems arise and can offer solutions to them. It is always best to find answers in general, so why should one feel hesitant when talking about their sexual health! We genuinely believe that these problems shouldn’t be brushed off and that there should be no shame in discussing them with a therapist or doctor.

Access Sex Therapy From Anywhere

People usually feel hesitant when going to a sex therapist, but this apprehension can become negligible when seeking treatment virtually, as you would not have to go through the queues to register for consultation. Seeking professional care through virtual consultation calls gives the right opportunity for the patients to freely discuss their issues.

Another essential point to note here is that we keep the records of our patients safe, so one can be assured that the information related to their identity and problems will be kept confidential. So, you are safe in your home, and your information is safe with us.

After signing up, you only have to openly talk about your problems to your provider and get guidance from anywhere at any time.

Consult With a Qualified Sexologist Through Google Meet

To book an online video consultation, you just need to visit our website and type ‘sexologist’ in the search bar. The available doctors with their available time slots and profiles would open up, and you can choose according to your needs. The doctors onboard the DocVita platform are very well-educated and have multiple years of experience. Our doctors speak more than one language, so you can also talk in your preferred language.

Finding solutions to your sexual problems through online consultation calls via WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Zoom is very easy and time-saving. Without any hesitation on any front, you can seek help and get better in the privacy of your own home.

Find a Sex Therapist Who’s Right For You

An educated and trained counsellor may be able to solve the issues related to your personal sexual health and also provide therapy to help save your relationship when it is particularly being impacted due to sexual issues. As sex therapists acquire advanced training and certifications to become practitioners, they are able to analyze issues stemming from genetic, psychological, biological, social, and physical factors in a patient’s life. Not all doctors can give specialized treatment for sex problems; that’s why one should consult a sex therapist when facing issues related to their sexual health.

At DocVita, we aim to give our users the best quality treatment options, and the same is available in this area as well. You can look at the academic qualifications and the relevant experience of our doctors before booking up a consultation call. Once you choose the doctor you want to talk to, all you have to do is book an online video consultation call to speak to the doctor privately. And as mentioned before, the safety of the information provided by patients, including their medical history and consultation details, is kept secure within our systems.

Schedule Your Virtual Appointment to Get Started

If you are not able to live your sexual life according to your desires, which may be because of any underlying issue that you may or may not be aware of, you should book an online sex therapy session with our experts to help get solutions.

We understand that visiting a doctor may look like an arduous task. That is why going through virtual avenues to seek help in these matters is the best way to get treatment. If you are uncomfortable speaking with a male doctor, we also have female doctors on our panel so you can feel comfortable sharing your personal problems. Schedule your virtual consultation call now with DocVita.


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