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The biggest benefit of online therapy is its wide reach and easy accessibility. It's a convenient way to have all your needs and requirements met on a single platform. Finding a practitioner through Docvita is simple, from selecting your desired provider to booking an appointment.

All you need to do is go to our page and select from numerous available practitioners. You will find the option to book a particular slot from the list of various times available on our website.

Simply pick the provider that's most convenient to you, and voila, you are done! Once you do that, you'll receive further information over Whatsapp, email, and SMS. You can now receive further alerts and voice your concerns to your care manager over a WhatsApp chat.

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Ms Avani Vasani - psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Fluent In English, Hindi, Gujarati
8 years of
"One should always remember that there is no harm or shame in giving up or asking for help. In fact, that’s where the real work begins. Greetings! I am a Licensed clinical psychologist with more than 7 years of experience in helping people manage different psychological, emotional and behavioural problems. I have done extensive training under trained professionals in different hospitals and mental
Fluent In: English, Hindi, Gujarati
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Ms Raga Gupta - psychologist

Clinical Psychologist (A), Psychologist

Fluent In English, Hindi, Punjabi
2 years of
"As therapists, all of us bring different strengths and perspectives into the therapy room. For me, serving my patients in a meaningful way, listening to their concerns, and helping them learn how to approach their mental, emotional, and behavioural problems in a healthier manner is the key. I know that no single approach is the right one, so I take the time to understand my patient's needs and ta
Fluent In: English, Hindi, Punjabi
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Dr Shabana M.S. - psychologist

Counselling Psychologist

Fluent In English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi
20 years of
"Dr Shabana Shamsuddin believes in the goodness and potential inherent in all human beings. She offers her unconditional positive regard in her professional therapeutic practice for her clients to rise to life's challenges by taking pride in their uniqueness and desire to learn, accept and transform. Dr. Shabana has 20 years of clinical experience. She has worked with many hospitals, educational i
Fluent In: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi
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Ms Shruti Chandran - psychologist

Counselling Psychologist

Fluent In Hindi, English
3 years of
"Shruti Chandran is a professionally trained Counselling Psychologist with a Distinction in MSc Psychology (Counselling Specialization). She has undergone 7 years of training in the theoretical, practical and research-based approaches in Psychology. She has experience of over 500 counselling sessions with clients from the ages of 5 years to 40 years. Her experience caters to issues in emotional/ so
Fluent In: Hindi, English
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They are mental health professionals who are experts in treating cognitive and social processes and behaviors. They run various psychological tests for the diagnosis and treatment of a disorder.

Deciding which type of provider to consult can be tricky. Here're a few factors that can help you decide:

  • If you are looking to open up about your issues and prefer talk therapy, a psychologist might be a good fit for you.
  • If you are looking for medications to relieve the symptoms of your disorder, a psychiatrist might be a good fit for you.
  • If your issue is related to a specific area or relationship, for example - work or personal relationships, you might want to consider consulting a psychologist.
  • If you are experiencing a severe mental health disorder that is interfering with your life, you might want to consult a psychiatrist.
Yes, all your information will be kept 100% confidential. Your privacy is our utmost priority. Whatever details you share with your provider it will only remain between you and them.
Yes, you definitely can switch to a different provider if you aren't comfortable with your current provider or don't see any progress. But know that it takes time to build a good relationship with your current practitioner. You should give him/her at least 3 to 4 sessions before moving on to another therapist.
Yes, there is a lot you can do to set the tone of the counseling session. You can take some time to decide about the specific questions you want to ask and the goals you want to achieve through the session. These include things like 'What problem needs addressing?' or 'What outcome would you want to attain after the completion of the session?'
Yes, definitely. We have specialists who are well-versed in Tamil, Kannada, Hindi, English, Punjabi, and other local languages. So, all you need to do is apply a filter of that specific language to find a therapist who is well-versed in your preferred language.
No, a psychologist can't provide you with medications as they aren't certified doctors and don't have a medical degree. But in case your problem requires medications, they can work alongside psychiatrists to assist you better in alleviating your issues.

Start a Session at Your Convenience

Due to the impact of COVID- 19 over the past two years, many people have shifted to online therapy. According to WHO, around 70% of the countries worldwide have adopted telepsychology as a replacement for an in-person session. Though the concept of e-therapy may seem new, it has actually been around for a while. In fact, its concept was introduced by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, who used postal services to treat his patients.

E-therapy has become quite a norm in today's day and age. All you need is a phone, laptop, tablet, or desktop with a stable WIFI connection. You can now reach out to any licensed board-approved provider through a simple text, audio, or video message. However, a video consultation might be more beneficial when compared to other modes of e-therapy like audio calls or an online chat-based approach.

DocVita is an online telehealth platform where you can consult any licensed practitioner based on your liking and convenience. All you need to do is book an appointment with a practitioner that is registered on our platform. You easily book a suitable time slot at your convenience and schedule a video consultation using Zoom, Whatsapp video calling, or Google Meet.

Access Treatment via Teletherapy from Anywhere

One of the biggest reasons why people find it difficult to seek therapy is because of the stigma attached to it. On top of that, certain conditions might make it extremely difficult for the person to step out of their homes to seek therapy. Online therapy proves to be a boon for such people.

Here are some reasons why people might consider online therapy over the traditional in-person therapy:

  • Convenience - Online therapy is way more convenient than in-person consultations. Why? Because you don't need to take time off from your work or from your busy schedule. You don't need to leave early from work and set aside a separate time to visit the practitioner's clinic. All you need to do is hop on to DocVita's website, browse through the various professionals and book a session. From there, it is a seamless process.
  • Cost - Online therapy is comparatively cheaper than in-person sessions. Why? Firstly because it mostly cuts down the transportation charges which would have otherwise been incurred. Secondly, it cuts down on the expenses the practitioner had to incur if they had set up a physical clinic.
  • Comfort - Nowadays, many people are more comfortable with online sessions than offline sessions. You might prefer using emails, text messages, webinars, or communication tools like Google Meet and Zoom. Being in a comfortable, safe space can also help put you at ease when opening up about personal issues during therapy.

Consult With a Qualified Professional Through Google Meet

Consulting a qualified specialist has never been so easy. Simply book a session with the licensed professionals registered at DocVita and you are good to go.

Once you are done, you will get further intimation of the booked session over Whatsapp, email, and SMS. After that, our care managers will assist you over Whatasapp. You will be notified about your upcoming session over Whatsapp as well.

Finding the right provider based on your needs and requirements is easy with our frictionless search and filter options. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions like your age, gender, and language, and state your specific problems to get matched to the right provider. Yes, it’s that simple!

After that, you’ll be matched to a specialist who is the best fit for you. In case you are not satisfied with the provided personalized match, you also have an option to switch to a different specialist.

Finally, you need to show up for the scheduled session. You can pick up any medium (phone, chat or video) and platform (Google Meet, Zoom, Whatsapp Call) based on your preferences and convenience. So why wait? Go ahead and book your first session right now!

Find a Psychologist Who’s Right For You

Finding someone who's right for you can be a tricky task at first. But at DocVita, we have specialists for every different type of issue. From a Vedic Psychologist to a Counselling Psychologist you can easily pick and choose one that meets your needs and requirements.

You also have an option to pick and choose a provider based on the language you are comfortable speaking. You can easily apply a filter on the booking page to select the practitioner who can converse in the language you are well-versed in. However, if you are still confused about which counselor to pick, feel free to contact us, and our team will assist you in finding the best provider for your needs..

Schedule Your Virtual Telecounselling Appointment to Get Started

Once you’ve found the best provider to help you through your healing journey,you can book an appointment at your convenience. Once you book your session, you'll get an intimation with all the necessary details confirming your appointment.

If you have any concerns or queries, you can drop us a message and it will be addressed by the Care Manager as soon as possible. The Care Manager assigned to you will take care of all your needs and address and resolve any issues you might face during or after the booking process.


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