Ms Tania Rao - psychologist

Ms Tania Rao

Counselling Psychologist, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Relationship coach, Career Coach.

Fluent In English, Hindi, Telugu, Spanish
years ofexperience
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About Ms Tania Rao

Do you often feel weighed down or judged? Come, talk to me! Let me help you loosen such burdens off you and spark a positive and lovely change in your valuable life, soon! I am Tania, often referred to by my clients as their ‘mind cradler’, and I’ve been practicing for over 9 years now. In all these years, I’ve come across many individuals who were brilliant as themselves but had something crushing their confidence, their thinking, their relationships, their jobs, their lifestyle, their ability to understand situations or even themselves – leading them thus into stress and frustration. I’ve always tried and ensured to understand their minds and support them in exploring their thoughts and uncovering patterns they might not even be aware of, so they could begin to have greater control of their emotions and thoughts and start building themselves up strong and confident! About my qualification, I hold a ‘Masters in Psychology’ and a 'Professional Diploma in Counselling Psychology'. Apart from these achievements, I also have earned accreditations and certifications from Indian and other international institutions (including the prestigious Yale University and Oxford School of Learning) as a Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, CBT Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Child Psychologist, EFT/TFT Practitioner, Art therapist and Sound Healer. Hence, I can earnestly say that you could rely on my knowledge and experience while choosing me to cradle your precious mind. If you’re ready to do so, have no inhibitions at all. Feel free to connect and help me walk you into a much happier and more fulfilled life! Be certain to get help with - Work stress, Emotional outbursts, Relationship concerns, Intimacy issues, Individual Counselling, Anxiety, Depression, Stress Management, Grief, Behavior & Thought streamlining, Anger Counselling and Crisis Management, Building Confidence and Combating Loneliness, Emotional Health Problems, OCD and other Obsessions, Trauma, Fear & Phobias, Early Parenting Issues, Dealing with an Adolescent/Difficult Child, Family Problems, Marital Problems, Marriage Counselling, Pre Marital Problems, Acceptance issues; and any other issues that you feel you need support on or just wish to be heard. After all, my whole motive is to see you take a deep happy breath, smile with all your heart & mind and tell yourself - Love you Zindagi! 🤗❤️

  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Life Coach
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Relationship coach
  • Career Coach.
  • MA in Psychology
  • Diploma in Counselling - CTAA (approved in 27 countries)
  • Registered member of ‘Counsellors Council of India’

FAQs about Ms Tania Rao

What languages does Ms Tania Rao speak?

Ms Tania speaks English, Hindi, Telugu, Spanish.

What qualifications does Ms Tania Rao hold?

Ms Tania holds MA in Psychology, Diploma in Counselling and Registered member of ‘Counsellors Council of India’.

How many years of experience does Ms Tania Rao have?

Ms Tania has 9 years of experience.

Is it possible to consult with Ms Tania Rao online?

Yes, you can book a video or online consultation with Ms Tania using DocVita. It's easy, safe & secure.

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