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A Quick Overview

Have a cold or got an eye infection? In either of the cases, you need care and professional help. Who do you reach out to in such a case? You self-diagnose in most cases. But that’s not advisable for your long-term well-being.

Start a Session at Your Convenience

In fact, in such a case, you should reach out to a general physician as soon as possible. So, what exactly is a general physician? This type of doctor refers to a medical professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating common day-to-day illnesses (like the common cold, cough, flu, eye infection, headaches, body aches, abdominal pain, etc.) that don’t involve any surgical procedures. In other words, this physician is your first point of medical contact. Hence, this doctor diagnoses you for your medical issue and then offers preventive treatment to you. Now physicians can also be divided into two further categories - General practitioners and Specialists. As evident from their names, general practitioners provide general care to their patients. While a specialist offers specialized treatment for specific conditions to a patient.

Access Basic Health Care From Anywhere

In most cases accessing basic healthcare services is done offline by visiting the physician’s clinic, as per the schedule of the doctor. But what if you could do this online? Wouldn’t that be beneficial for you?

Here’re some of the important benefits of seeking online consultation with a General Physician:

  • Easily accessible - The biggest drawback of offline consultation is its accessibility. It is often limited to certain areas. This can prove detrimental for people living in remote or rural areas.

    All of this can be easily solved by availing the services of a dietician online. Through this method, you can easily access the best doctors for any of your health concerns that too from the comfort of your home.

  • Avail services based on your schedule - This is one of the biggest advantages of taking an online consultation is that it offers great convenience and flexibility. You can easily book your session based on the timing that fits in with your schedule.

    This means you no longer need to spend time being stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the clinic or spending hours in the waiting room, waiting for your appointment number to arrive.

    So, go ahead and book a slot that fits in with your calendar. You can book an evening slot if you are a working professional. You can choose weekends over weekdays as well. Pick any day or time that works for you. The point is you have full flexibility in that regard. Isn’t that a great reason to go for online consultations?

  • Leads to seamless experience with regard to prescriptions and reports - If you have ever been to a physician, you might be aware of the hassle of bringing your reports and previous prescriptions. In the worst cases, you even miss out on bringing it along with you, and that leads to you leaving the clinic without even getting the consultation from the doctor.

    To avoid this hassle and inconvenience, you must shift from offline consultation to online consultation. Once you do that, you can have a seamless experience around uploading the reports and prescriptions and receiving prescriptions.

  • Timely access to preventive and ongoing healthcare - Just imagine the amount of time wasted on finding out the best physician in your city. Now imagine the amount of time you could have saved if you had access to the best doctors in India all in one place.

    Online sessions with a GP are extremely beneficial when a person requires prompt care either first hand or ongoing. Having all your reports and prescriptions in one place makes it easy for you to access your records.

Consult With a Qualified Family Doctor Through Google Meet

Consulting a physician has never been this easy. So if you are facing general health issues or even specific health issues that require the attention of a specialist, you can book a session with a GP or specialist physician. Where to find one? Well, you can find various physicians on our website DocVita and book a session based on your convenience and schedule.

If you are wondering why DocVita? Well, we offer care in more than 11 languages and have a diverse network of Indian dieticians who understand your culture. The best part is that as soon as you book your first appointment, we assign you a Care Manager who will help you manage everything over WhatsApp.

Treatment For Your General Health Through Online Telehealth Appointments

As mentioned above, this doctor is the first one in the line of treatment. Be it a minor cold and cough or a severe problem; your first visit is always going to be to their clinic.

Here’re the few major concerns you should reach out to a general physician :

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs)
  • Cold and cough
  • Flu
  • Asthma attacks
  • Migraines
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • Fever
  • Rashes or infection
  • Muscle pain or strain
  • Hypertension
  • Liver disease
  • Anemia
  • Thyroid disease

Now that you know what diseases they deal with, it might be helpful for you to also know about the roles he/she might be engaged in. Here’re some of his major roles and responsibilities:

  • To diagnose various diseases and injuries in the first place.
  • Conduct routine check-ups from time to time.
  • Reviewing a patient’s medical history and assessing a patient’s condition.
  • Recommending medical tests upon diagnosis, if required.
  • Prescribing medications and treatment.
  • Assisting in routine surgery.
  • Maintenance of patient records.
  • Counseling patients on their well-being and self-care.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your first session with a registered physician online and make your first move towards the journey of recovery.

Find a Practitioner Who’s Right For You

Finding the right PCP plays a crucial role when it comes to getting the desired results in terms of recovering from certain disorders. So, if you are suffering from any health concerns, worry not. We have got you covered. We at DocVita have various physicians registered with us, specializing in various domains, from which you can choose from.

Schedule Your Virtual Appointment to Get Started

Booking the first session with DocVita is pretty simple. What you need to do is book your 1st session by hopping on the book a General physician page of DocVita. That’s it. Once you are done you’ll be assisted by the Care Manager for the further process. So, why wait when you have access to the best physicians all at your fingertips.


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