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Telehealth consultations have been around for quite some time now, but the way its reach increased during the pandemic says that online healthcare is here to only grow in the future.

Dermatologists can diagnose many issues through a virtual consultation. They can either look at the pictures of the affected area or get opinions through a virtual call on platforms such as Google Meet and Zoom.

At DocVita, we have experienced specialists who give online consultations and examine the issues through photographs and video calls. You can directly talk to the specialists and get the right treatment option by booking online consultation calls.

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Dr Priyadarshini P Gaddagimath - dermatologist

Dermatologist, Pediatric Dermatologist, Trichologist

Fluent In English, Hindi, Kannada
13 years of
"Dr Priyadarshini is experienced in treating all Skin, Hair, Nail disorders, Leprosy, and STDs. She is trained in performing all aesthetic procedures like Chemical Peels, Lasers, PRP, Botox, and Fillers. She has pursued her Post-Graduation in Dermatology from Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Center in 2011 followed by a sub-specialization Fellowship in Paediatric Dermatology from
Fluent In: English, Hindi, Kannada
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Dr Hitesh Lokwani - dermatologist


Fluent In Hindi, English
7 years of
"Dr. Hitesh Lokwani is a renowned dermatologist from Indore with an overall experience of 7 years. He completed his MBBS from Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Sciences, Indore in 2012. After MBBS , Dr. Hitesh Lokwani completed his MD - Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy from SRMSIMS in 2017. Dr. Hitesh Lokwani currently practices at Cosmoderm Laser & Cosmetic Skin Clinic, New Palasia in Indore.
Fluent In: Hindi, English
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Dr Mithra Rangapriya - dermatologist

Aesthetic Dermatosurgeon, Dermatologist, Trichologist, Cosmetologist

Fluent In English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada
10 years of
"Dr Mithra is a Consultant Dermatologist, Trichologist, Cosmetologist, and Aesthetic Dermatosurgeon with an experience of 9 years in this field. I completed my MBBS from Govt. Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai in 2012 and my MD in Dermatology, Venerology and Leprology from the prestigious Govt Stanley Medical College, Chennai in 2017. I further obtained FRGUHS (fellowship in DermatoSurgery) from St
Fluent In: English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada
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Dr Syed Nazim Hussain - dermatologist

Dermatologist, Aesthetic Dermatologist

Fluent In English, Hindi
15 years of
"Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain is a renowned dermatologist from Delhi with an overall experience of 15 years. He completed his MD - Physician from Isfahan University of Medical Sciences in 2005. After MD - Physician, Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain completed his DNB - Dermatology & Venereology from National Board Of Examination, 20 in 2011. After DNB - Dermatology & Venereology, Dr. Syed Nazim Hussain completed hi
Fluent In: English, Hindi
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Yes, they can easily examine your condition via video calls or shared images. They can give treatment through online calls for things that don't need physical testing.
Yes, they take a good look at your problem, examine the issue to make a diagnosis, and then give you an official prescription that you can use to take medicines from the pharmacy.
Usually, online dermatology won't work if there is an emergency situation. These may include bleeding areas, injuries, or cuts that need immediate attention. Doctors also don't treat conditions that need a biopsy or a test in which a skin sample is required for proper diagnosis and treatment.
In case you have been to the clinic or have taken an earlier online consultation call only, a follow-up through the virtual call is one of the best ways to move ahead in the treatment plan.
If the doctor is giving you the proper treatment and, for some reason, you need an in-person visit, you can reach out to them if their clinic is in your city.

Start a Session at Your Convenience

Among the many health concerns people deal with, some of the problems people want to get treatment for in a fast-track manner are skin and hair issues. Skin disease or hair-related issues clearly show on the outside. Hence, people are quick to seek treatment for it. Many people don’t want to have rashes on their skin or hair problems that are visible to everyone.

Being proactive about your health and noticing issues that need care and attention is important. If you have a problem and you don't take measures to get it treated, it may go against you in the long run. However, people who take the right steps get the right solution sooner than later and live healthier lives. This readiness to get treated early on is best possible through online means.

If you face skin, nail, or hair problems, getting the issue resolved through an online dermatology consultation can be one of the easiest and quickest ways to get the right treatment.

Access Care From Anywhere

One of the most significant benefits of virtual consultation is that you don't have to get stuck in traffic or wait outside the doctor's clinic. Plus, if you are at a place where it is not that easy to reach the clinic, and you need instant help, a virtual consultation can be a lifesaver.

Online care is quite effective when it comes to consultations for skin-related issues. Telemedicine was found to be a "reliable consultation tool" for patients who have skin concerns.

Consult With a Qualified Professional Through Google Meet/Zoom

At DocVita, we have a team of highly qualified specialists who take consultation calls in many local languages. This makes it easy for people who don't speak English or Hindi to talk about their problems in their local language. We have specialists who have decades of experience, so you can be sure that you are in safe hands. Through virtual exams, we can ensure the best possible care for you without the added hindrance of in-person visits.

Our process of giving you the proper treatment starts with our team sending you a confirmation message along with your online meeting link. We also send reminders, so you don't forget about your consultation call. When you show up on the call with the doctor, they ask you about the issue and examine the concerned area during the call. Our doctors also ask for pictures for better clarity of the condition and then give you a prescription if necessary, which can be used to start your treatment.

The only limitations in online care can be for cases that need physical examination or treatment that requires touching the area, for example, removing a mole, one needs to see the doctor in their clinic for those services. Apart from these problems that need physical testing or treatment, you can take an online consultation to get the remedy for all your skin, hair, and nail issues.

Find a Dermatologist Who’s Right For You

From our team of specialized doctors, you can book a virtual consultation call with anyone according to your choice of timing and budget options. We have doctors who can converse in many languages, such as Hindi, Tamil, and Kannada, among others. Patients can choose the doctor they feel can be the best fit for them.

When you decide which specialist you want to consult, you can make a booking through our online system. Once you do that, you get an instant confirmation message about your appointment. After that, one only needs to show up on time and take the consultation call to get the treatment.

Schedule Your Virtual Appointment to Get Started

If you or any of your loved ones are facing skin or hair-related problems, you can easily get a consultation at affordable prices from some of the best dermatologists in the country with years of experience.

Online dermatology care is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get treated for skin-related ailments. Book your first call with our experts if you need quality healthcare with a touch of a few buttons right on your device.


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