Book Telemedicine Consultations for Dental Care

Consultations with verified dentists on Zoom / Google Meet.

Book Telemedicine Consultations for Dental Care

Who likes to visit a dentist? Most people don't, but when a problem arises, they must go to them and get a check-up. Most of us think physically visiting the clinic is the only way to treat oral issues. But what if you could get that care through online consultation?

Not all conditions require you to visit the clinic. Online consultation with a qualified doctor can help you ascertain if you need to see one. In such cases, a virtual consultation can resolve your issues.

This scenario has become the truth in times of technological advancements. These days, telehealth consultations are very popular in many areas of health care. The same is the case with dentistry health care. Barring some restrictions on the services provided through virtual consultation calls, a lot of oral problems get solved without actually going to the clinic. You could even take a second opinion on a treatment plan suggested to you.


The providers are the same online and offline. But, some of them start to give virtual consultation calls to increase the scope of their reach among patients. The online ones are as qualified and experienced as the ones you would typically visit in a clinic.
Yes, our specialist doctors provide comprehensive official prescriptions that can be taken to the pharmacy to get the medicines.
The provider aims to have your oral health at its best. For that, they will treat the problems and suggest the best ways so that you don't face those problems again. It will also ensure that you steer clear of the most common oral issues.
The call with a qualified specialist will help you ensure whether you need the in-person visit or not. If that's the case, they can give you the references of the doctors who may be able to help you in the best possible manner.
Yes, the calls are very affordable. With us, you can start your oral health care journey at a very pocket-friendly price.

Treatment Through Online Telehealth Appointments for Your Dental Problems

All oral problems don't need an in-person visit.

To assess your problems from the comfort of your home, you can take up an online consultation call with a specialist. They would be able to enhance your oral health by giving the right solutions and guidance for optimal mouth health.

People who live in remote areas (where a clinic is not easily accessible), parents with little children, people with anxiety, or those who are busy with work can easily take up virtual dental consultations to get instant relief. It can be easily done through video meetings.

You can discuss your problems, and the doctor would give you either a prescription that is used to take medicines, or they can ask you to take some preventive care options to help keep your teeth healthy.

Access Oral Care From Anywhere

When the pandemic was at its peak, in-person visits to clinics were preferred less by the patients due to health concerns, and doctors were promoting telehealth services as the best option.

The world adapted to the virtual means of having important consultation calls regarding all their issues that could be handled through online appointments. The ease of virtual appointments have since become a preferred option for many people.

Now, you can receive oral health treatment through online consultations. This can make it easier and less scary for people to go through a physical consultation.

Some limitations are present in online consultations. A virtual appointment will not be able to do certain things like complete an x-ray, professional cleaning, 3D treatments, surgeries, and all other testing and treatment options that need the doctor to be physically present. Apart from these services, most other consultative services regarding treatment options, professional opinions, and preventive oral health care plans can easily be made available through a virtual meeting or call.

Consult With a Qualified Dentist Through Google Meet/Zoom

At DocVita, we have a team of qualified and experienced specialists who take up online meetings to provide oral health care.

You can book your consultation with the doctor of your choice. We have expert oral health care providers who can converse in many languages. So even if you don't know English or Hindi, you can talk in the language you are comfortable with.

When you make an appointment, our Customer Care Experts instantly reach out to you with confirmation of your booking, along with providing a link to the meeting. We also send reminders, so you don't forget to attend your health care call.

Find a Dentist Who’s Right For You

From the team available on our platform to give you expert oral health care options, you can choose the doctor you like. You can choose a practitioner based on years of experience they hold, their language, or the timing and date that suits you the best.

Find the best one for the problems you are facing and book an appointment with them to get instant relief by sharing your concerns and getting the right solutions.

Schedule Your Virtual Appointment to Get Started

With telehealth options now available for every medical field, virtual appointments for your oral health care is also one of the most accessible options to get treated sooner than later.

If you or any of your loved ones need an appointment, schedule a virtual consultation now to get the right treatment.


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