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Women comprise almost 50% of the nation's population. As a developing country, we are witnessing some of the most remarkable changes in national policies and the overall perspective of society to help the female half of the country to get equal opportunities in every possible field. However, we still have a long way to go to let women take full authority over their life choices. Many women are still unaware of their health concerns regardless of their financial status or educational background.

It wasn't long ago when society shamed and ostracized women just because of menstruation, a natural cycle essential for human life. While today those taboos are subdued, it persists. The government has implemented multiple laws and projects to spread awareness of women's reproductive and maternal health. Still, the country observes approximately 18% of female deaths are due to pregnancy and childbirth-related complications. Other than that, nearly 33000 young women suffer and die from cervical cancer every year. While educational institutions are implementing more and more ways to encourage young girls and boys to learn and have conversations about menstrual health, women's health issues are often overlooked.

Women and young girls need to know more about their sexual and reproductive health. The stigma around conversations about sex leads to unrealistic and improper knowledge about the subject, often leading women to hide their concerns. Regular visits to OBGYN (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) clinics can efficiently reduce your chances of suffering from a reproductive health concern and promote a healthy maternal and sexual life. A gynecologist helps you understand your body better and enlightens you about possible health concerns and how to prevent them.

Consulting a professional for your reproductive health is essential, regardless of age, degree of concern, or marital status. If you have never been to an OBGYN, finding the right professional on your own might seem challenging, and the added stress of judgment can make the whole ordeal a bit overwhelming. In these cases, online platforms are the best way to find a professional from the comfort of your home and privacy.

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Ahmedabad's women-to-men population ratio (sex ratio) is 4:5, with a literacy rate of almost 83%. Many of this population have migrated from other cities for professional and educational needs. Additionally, the city is one of the nation's fastest-growing international medical tourism destinations. According to a 2021 study, medical tourists from Africa, China, etc., prefer Ahmedabad for their medical requirements. The city has more than 158 registered hospitals equipped to treat medical conditions ranging from common to advanced.

Additionally, the city houses more than 3 prestigious medical colleges and universities for students seeking a professional degree. The urban agglomeration has a plethora of professional clinics to help its citizens gain accessible healthcare specializing in women's reproductive and maternal health needs. However, finding a suitable professional in this widespread city might be challenging, especially if you are a working individual and staying away from your loved ones.

Researching, cross-referencing, and booking appointments can get overwhelming, but with DocVita, you can quickly get in touch with a skilled gynecologist without leaving your house. We aim to provide a highly ethical and wholesome experience. You can choose from customizing your session, selecting the professional, and adjusting the time, mode of connection, and even the language per your needs. Just go through a simple questionnaire, and we will assist you in selecting from our top suggested professionals. DocVita ensures you find an OB-GYN to help you with your unique concerns.

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At DocVita, we assure you a seamless and rewarding service whether you seek physical or online sessions. We prioritize your requirement and comfort before anything else. Whether you wish to visit a professional's clinic or an online session depends on your comfort level and schedule.

Our team of DocVita professionals concentrates on delivering their skilled insight and diagnosis over virtual mode to make your online session as effective as a physical session. However, suppose you prefer to visit a doctor personally. In that case, you can trust us to help you get in touch with a top-rated OB-GYN closest to you and get a physical appointment with your preferred specialist.

At DocVita, we aim to make your consultations and booking process a hassle-free experience. Even in this fast-moving world, Dcovita is here to help. We aim to bridge the gap between a licensed gynecology practitioner and you in a few easy steps. Remote consultations are the future of accessible healthcare, and you can reach them in a few easy steps.

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Whether you wish to book a routine check-up to monitor your health or are struggling with a health concern, you can rely on Docvita to fulfill your needs. An experienced and compassionate professional will help you with the correct diagnosis and an effective treatment model.

At DocVita, we aim to make remote healthcare accessible for everyone. We ensure that you receive adequate service through the help of skilled OB-GYN practitioners and our incredible team. It doesn't matter if your concerns are big or small; if you think you need help, DocVita is here.

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