Traditionally speaking, a salesperson is someone who sells things in a shop or directly to customers at their doorstep. But today, with the internet becoming the largest marketplace of all, many salespeople work from their desks and sell products or services to people online.

Whether through a screen or at your door, a good salesperson is persuasive, empathetic and possesses an in-depth knowledge of his customer. No matter how good a product or offering, any successful business owes a great deal to its salespeople – these are the rainmakers, the people who inspire action among customers to buy and recommend your product and become lifelong champions of a business.

The profession of a salesperson is exciting and sometimes deeply rewarding, but it can come with its own set of challenges.

For one, every salesperson deals with their fair share of rejection, and selling things can often entail an emotional rollercoaster.

Today on World Salesperson Day, we bring you some tried and tested methods for salespeople to survive and thrive in their profession:

1. Sleep

The question of sleep might seem trivial, but studies have shown that human beings need 7-8 hours of sleep every day. This is even more important for salespeople, who need to strike delicate business deals, which require them to maintain a sharp mind and calm their nerves. Besides, lack of sleep can lead to irritability, decreased motivation, fatigue and poor decision-making. So if you want to be at your best on sales calls and sell like a pro, make sure to clock in those hours of sleep.

2. Flex your Empathy Muscle

Good salesmanship is built on an understanding of the human condition and how human psychology works. No matter how many books you read and how many movies you watch, there is nothing like personally experiencing and mastering human emotions.

And to do that consistently and successfully, you must develop empathy – by empathy we mean not just listening to the person on the other end passively, but putting yourself in their shoes and being curious about their desires, fears and motivations without judgement.

3. Diet

 profession of a salesperson

This can’t be stressed enough – we are after all what we eat, and salespeople need to pay attention to their diet and nutrition. Make sure not to overdose on coffee and carbs, and get those greens in your salad, toss in those walnuts and almonds and stock up on foods rich in antioxidants.

4. Incidental Exercise

Reading up on marketing and behavioural economics and applying them to real-life situations to sell can be exciting and highly addictive. Salespeople also tend to be goal-oriented – that means that to sell more, you need to talk to more people, send out more emails and make more calls. In the midst of all this, it is easy to end up spending 15 hours a day leaning over a screen. So make sure to get some exercise. If you’re running out of time, take 15-minute breaks every two hours and do a round of sit-ups, push-ups or some breathing exercises next to your desk.

5. Make friends with Stress

This is hardly a secret – if you’re in the business of selling, you will continuously experience stress. Will the client agree to the deal? Would they choose your competitor’s products over yours? What will a negotiation cost you? Will your goods end up as deadstock at the end of the year? It goes without saying that if you are to power through the uncertainties of the marketplace, you will sooner or later have to develop a healthy relationship with stress.

Don’t see stress as an enemy, instead see it for what it is – an opportunity for growth and vitality. But one must be careful not to get trapped in prolonged periods of stress either – if you’re experiencing stress every day, make sure to take a break, pause and re-evaluate.

To sum it up:

On the occasion of World Salesperson Day, here’s a pat on the back of every salesperson out there. Thrill, excitement, rejection, uncertainty and reward – you’re probably used to all of this by now. However, if you feel stuck in a rut, or are overwhelmed by the year, feel free to consult one of our stellar therapists on Docvita to give you a shove in the right direction!