Since the onset of the pandemic, health and wellness has taken centre stage. It has started off the much-needed conversation about having a healthy body, mind and soul; creating an environment that encourages healthy living. Despite its life-changing benefits, hitting the gym five times a week or rolling out the yoga mat for a 40-minute session requires an ample amount of motivation and discipline.

Having a partner to embark on this journey can affirm it and help us keep ourselves on track. So this new year, let’s get our partners onboard, set some health goals and imbibe the culture of leading a healthy lifestyle.

While getting a gym membership is a viable option, making simple healthy choices in your day to day life can also go a long way in helping you and your partner achieve a stable body and mind. Let us look at five healthy habits that you and your partner should nurture in 2021.

1. Always eat a healthy breakfast.

healthy breakfast

Breakfast is believed to be the most important meal of the day. Skipping your breakfast or starting your day with an unhealthy meal is not a wise choice. An energy bar can be a healthy snack when you are on the go, but it cannot replace a complete breakfast meal.

A quick google search will provide you with a long list of easy and healthy breakfast recipes. Scrambled eggs on toast, oats, roti, wraps, smoothie bowls are all easy breakfast fixes to kickstart your day. On the days when you and your partner decide to catch up on some extra sleep, throw all your favourite fruits into a grinder and make yourself a delicious yet healthy smoothie. 

To skip the tedious meal prepping task every morning, you can cordon off some time in the weekend and make a meal plan for the upcoming week with your partner. Planning will give you an estimation of how much time you will require to prepare your breakfast so that you can set your routine accordingly.

2. Cut down on the junk.

reduce junk intake

The food that tastes good might not always be good for your body. Junk food may satiate our late-night cravings, but it can also leave behind a trail of harmful effects. 

Consumption of fast food is related to many health risks, including obesity, heart disease and digestive issues. It is a common myth that healthy food cannot be tasty, discouraging people from exploring healthy snacking options. 

However, the myth couldn’t be further from the truth. If you and your partner are looking to make a healthy switch and delve into clean eating, there are tons of healthy snacking options available. Some healthy Indian snacks include moong chilla, sweet potato chat, upma, oats uttapam, dhokla, and poha. 

When you opt for a packaged meal, do not forget to check its “Nutrition Facts” present at the product’s back. This will help you identify how healthy your snack is. Opt for low in sugar, fat, and high fibre like dark chocolate, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, and so on. At the same time, switch to healthy drinking options like fresh fruit juice, coconut water instead of fizzy drinks and tetra pack juices as they are high in sugar and offer less nutrition.

3. Taper down on your alcohol consumption and smoking habit.

reduce alcohol smoking

A complete cleanse of your body can only occur if you eliminate all your unhealthy habits. It is common knowledge that smoking and drinking can slow down your body and exacerbate the ageing process. 

The toxins that accumulate in your body due to alcohol and smoking affect the immune system. It depletes your overall health. Encourage your partner to leave behind these unhealthy habits. Let this year be the start of a healthy and long life together.

Support your partner as they go through this process. Browse for relatively healthier options that can help your partner with the withdrawal process. Monitor their drinking and smoking habits, introduce them to nicotine patches and gums, read up and educate them about Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), and other behavioural techniques to help them quit alcohol and smoking. If you both struggle with these habits, then become each other’s pillar of strength, keep your spirits high and remind each other that quitting is possible.

4. Exercise, Meditate, Repeat!

couple exercise together

Physical activity does not only have a positive impact on your body, but it can also lift your mood. It rejuvenates you for the rest of the day. Regular exercise can help you, and your partner lives a more fulfilling life. 

So make this one of your health goals this year. If sweating it out in the gym is not your thing, start with simple cardio in your living room. 

The internet is full of videos of low-impact cardio routines for beginners. To add a fun element to your workout sessions, you can also opt for couples yoga or sign up for online Zumba classes. Outdoor activities like swimming, running, cycling, brisk walking can also be thrown into the mix. 

To destress with your partner, one can also practise meditation, breathing exercises and other grounding techniques. Art therapy, like painting, doodling, sculpting etc., can be a relaxing experience and can help you and your partner thrive for better mental well-being.

5. Make regular visits to the doctor.

couple visit doctor

Taking a cue from the ongoing health crisis, we should all prioritise visiting our doctor regularly. Even though clean eating and daily exercise are highly encouraged, seeking professional help should be equally important. When it comes to our health, one size does not fit everyone. A particular symptom can be an indication of various underlying diseases which a health practitioner can only differentiate.

A bi-annual visit to your family doctor, a regular check-up of your vitals like cholesterol, sugar level, BP, thyroid and so on should be made a health goal for yourself and your partner. Additionally, it is also essential to keep a tab on your oral and sexual health.

To sum it up:

In essence, being in a partnership means to push one other to become the best version of ourselves, both mentally and physically. A healthy body and mind is the best thing that we can offer to our partners. So set those health goals and reward yourself and your partner with a fulfilling life.

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