Video Therapy for Joint Pains Relief

Stop suffering from joint pains.
Get better without medicines or surgery.

Long lasting results.

No Side-Effects.

Affordable, Safe, Effective

How does it work? Is this right for me?

No two bodies or pain are the same. Your recovery & time it takes to relieve pain depends on factors like your body metabolism, diet, daily routine, etc.

We highly recommend exploring the treatment option in an introductory call with our specialist. Take your time, read more, and understand what works for your body. Our specialists are here to support you on this journey.

What happens in my first session?

In order to help you best, our experts dedicate our first session to understand your pain and explain your recovery plan. Here are some questions our expert may ask in your first session:

Duration of your pain?

Movements that increase or decrease this pain.

Family History – Parents, Grandparents, etc.

Past Treatments, if any.

How did it start?

Lifestyle – Diet, Water Intake, Habits, etc.

Pre-existing medical conditions, if any.

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